System Operation

  • Operation of radio communications, storm warning and microwave systems ― information and distress call systems over the Lake Balaton and along the Rivers Tisza and Danube
  • River Information System
  • AIS and information system over the Lake Balaton, being continuously extended
  • Installation of a WLAN network in the ports of Csepel, Baja and Újmohács, isolation of WLAN networks from the core network at both physical and security levels, real-time detection of vessels entering the port of Mohács
  • Installation of an experimental radar station at the vessel entry points of Hungary in co-operation with local governmental authorities

Our staff is on duty around the clock the whole year, with each person completing two weeks of service a month on average. We have participated in each and every project of RSOE, and we also regularly take part in continuous development trainings and highscaler qualifications. We manage the development of the storm warning system as a complex project, ranging from the organization and management of permits to full-scale implementation.

National Association of Radio Distress-Signalling and Infocommunications

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